Daijia helped the 2nd Hospital of Jilin University pass the “Interconnected Hospital Information Test”

China’s National Health Commission recently announced results for the Interconnected Hospital Information test and the Second Hospital of Jilin University passed the four-level assessment with a high score 91.17. Daijia HealthUnion implemented a full hospital IT system based on its HiUp 2.0 system, which helped the hospital pass the test. The Second Hospital of Jilin University is a leading Class III hospital in both Jilin Province and north-eastern China with 2,789 beds.

The hospital’s full IT solution is based on internationally accepted “Healthcare Information Exchange” technology. Daijia’s HIE platform allows cooperation between clinical departments, the hospital’s management team, and the IT department to develop a suite of IT solutions including an information integration platform, clinical data centre, clinical research data centre, operating data centre, EMR, CDSS, ETL tool, BI, management tools, patient applications, etc, all within 18 months.

Monitoring Interface of Daijia’s HiUp2.0


About Daijia HealthUnion

Daijia HealthUnion is a leading healthcare IT company in China. Daijia can provide health information products and solutions including: imaging solutions, diagnostic platforms, data solutions, telemedicine solutions, cloud imaging solutions, patient applications and others.

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